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About Me

Hi my name is Michelle, I’m also known as Evelyn or Eve. I’m a women a mother, a rebel at heart navigating my way through life. The purpose of this website is to share through lived experiences, with a desire to spark and inspire a new sense of hope.

I am passionate about encouraging others and believe we can all create a life made up of our dreams if not all, then to a degree. My aim for this site is to offer support to people who may have walked a similar path, or those of you who resonate with the content of my posts.

I will share of emotional hurts and abuse, primarily within a relationship setting, relating to partner violence and narcissistic abuse. I will also share of my courage to rise and will to never to give up…. Of my heartfelt wisdom and of my experience growing up as a highly sensitive person (HSP) and how this has influenced and shaped me and my life.

My blog is self care focused and includes practical tips on how to manage symptoms of complex trauma. I will also touch on the importance of developing daily routines and rituals and how practising to be more present has been a key component to my survival and state of wellbeing .

There will be a mixture of other content including self-care tips, bite sized inspirational quotes and cathartic soulful poems.

I believe we all heal and grow in unique ways and as we begin to give ourselves the gift of healing, we allow the most authentic version of ourselves to shine through.

As I share my personal experience of growing living healing and overcoming. You will notice a key theme of SELF CARE, as I truly believe it is through the simple acts of self care self reflection and self kindness that opens the doorway to healing all the wounds of our past.

Recent Posts

One Thing to Miss

It’s been almost five years since everything turned to hell With this memory of you Yet I sleep completely free An anniversary displaced and fractured Random memories come to surface I pray they keep floating by, as I hold my pillow tight I wonder what you look like now Does she lose herself like IContinue reading “One Thing to Miss”

Who Sways the Difference

Finding a balance between us Longing and wanting overseen by the realities of a lived life Closed doors and frustrations, Pressures of non equal sides Who sways the difference Who decides Who gets warmth or salvation Who gets to decide Substance of language No challenge no gain Pressures all present Each past carries it’s ownContinue reading “Who Sways the Difference”


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