Bio Chemistry, Why it is Up to Us to Change It

So why is it important to be aware of our brain chemistry? When we are aware of our brain chemistry and how we are responding to a person or a situation we are then able to better understand ourselves and to take the necessary steps to alter, correct or change it. Now be it repeating thoughts, behaviours, people or situations these can all have an influence on how and why our brains are firing and therefore wiring. When we repeat behaviours we are consciously or unconsciously training our brains to expect an experience or to even become addicted to the experience all together, this occurs for both wanted and unwanted thoughts, feelings and experiences in the body. So while we may not want an experience to keep happening or occurring until we become consciously aware of it and understand how it affects our brains and our bodies, we will unconsciously keep repeating the same patterns of behaviour over and over not realising we are in fact addicted to the very thing we don’t want to repeat. Now changing an additive behaviour is not easy, however it is absolutely possible for it to be changed. It all starts with the conscious awareness of wanting to make the necessary changes and the more we practice replacing the unwanted behaviour with something we want, we then create a new habit of behaviour. You might be asking okay, but why are you sharing this with me? Why, because the emotions we experience in our bodies have the capacity to change our brain chemistry and if we are stuck in feelings of anxiety and fear then we are training our brains to fire and wire for anxiety and fear. This means we are training ourselves to experience the very thing we don’t want to experience. Where do I start to make the necessary changes? You have already begun to shift things just by reading this, why because you cannot unlearn something once it is learnt. Meditation gives us the time to switch off from our thoughts, most of our emotions, and our daily habitual experiences. It only takes five minutes a day to start to shift our brain chemistry into a state of rest and digest (homeostasis) which is where we want and need our bodies to be to stay optimal and healthy.

All Words Written by Evelyn Wayde © 2019 – 2020

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Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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