Predator Pretending

Don’t ask questions and I will give you no lies

Pretending sets the wheels in time

Pretending I was more

Pretending what I’m not

Predator pretending 


Look who’s keeping score

Loving me less then loving you more

Loving pretending 

Fakelove, now who’s keeping score


I’m not remembering


Now I’m remembering

Shame… it was my kriptonyte 

I’m remembering


The feelings of my heart forced to portray

Too hard to keep on going

Too hard not say

Let’s keep pretending our hearts away

Sooner than better

Sooner than not

We get pretending our hearts get lost

My heart was torn out

My soul was in pieces

Stop Stop pretending

My heart it no longer beats

Please stop pretending

My heart began to weep

I stopped pretending for my heart to beat 

Letting go

Letting go of you now

Letting go of a life of pretending

Letting go of you now

Letting go of the resounding sound

Your voice it echoes through me

Letting go of you now 

Letting go of you

All Words Written by Evelyn Wayde © 2019 – 2020

Published by evelynwayde

Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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