Evolving through the changes of healing…

Some of you may of noticed my fade out in posts recently, I have been taking my time to tend to my health and it has been with much trepidation that I have been going through yet another chapter or stage of my healing. Why trepidation you might ask…? Do you ever get to a certain point or state of peace in your life where you decide ‘Enough’, after all the pain trauma and heartache you just want it to stop right there? You finally get to a place where you feel safe in your everyday existence and you start to notice how much your mind and body has started to heal and change and you just want to experience some normalcy and normality which doesn’t involve processing pain.

Well after three years of fumbling my way through I felt I had finally gotten to a safe place and I felt comfortable in myself, my life and my home. I was meditating everyday and getting blissed out, and I guess I was nursing an underlying belief of enough healing had occurred for now. I was a little done with peeling back the layers of pain and to be totally honest I don’t blame myself for wanting to take a breather given all I have been through in my life and for a short time I took a step back to give myself permission to just be.

I have found through trial and error if we are to allow ourselves to evolve in our healing we must first cultivate an environment that is conducive to healing. We must create for ourselves the an environment to allow our bodies to heal and provide ourselves with the basics of a safe calm home environment, fresh healthy foods, vitamins, a simple exercise regimen, and we need to form a daily routine around bedtime and sleep. All of these things may seem basic but they are necessary and we must adjust them and change them as we need to allowing ourselves to heal, and give ourselves the opportunity to become the very best versions of ourselves.

We must also listen our bodies and what they are telling us in any given moment, whether it be a pain in our gut, feelings of being anxious, maybe are we tired or even hungry. When we practice paying attention to our bodies we are reforming and building trust within ourselves which is vital for our confidence and wellbeing. When we practice doing this over and over we are building a strong relationship and connection to ourselves which is so important when we are tuning into our bodies and working on our healing evolution. Healing is spontaneous after all it occurs in leaps and bounds and not in any particular order of traumatic event but it unravels in a unique way for you, your body, mind and your spirit.

Do you ever get to a stage where you feel like you need to withdraw from life, social media, social commitments, friends and even family? How does this impact on the way you view yourself, do you feel a sense of disconnect, how do you take care of yourself through this process, do you take this time to delve deep into your healing work and self development. Do you take time to be quiet in thought and rest as your body needs it?

It’s up to us to take care of ourselves and to take full responsibility for our own healing, no one else is going to shed the layers for us, but we must also be true to our needs and tune into what our bodies are telling us and step back and rest when we need to, your body will thank you as you evolve through your healing. I hope you find this post encouraging while going through your own healing experience and hopefully some of you will also resonate with this part of the healing process. Please leave me a comment below about your relationship and experience with healing.

All Words Written by Evelyn Wayde © 2019 – 2020

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