What ‘CAN’ We Do in a State of Distress or Panic?!?

When we are in a state of distress it is important to do whatever we can to refocus our attention back to what we ‘CAN’ do in that moment to change the immediate stress response in our body.

We can do this through making a plan ahead of time to help us when we cannot think straight due to symptoms of complex trauma when we need to refocus our thoughts.

To plan first start by writing a list of things that spark joy. Your next step is to place all your attention on one of these activities from your list and submerge yourself in play, creativity, art, nature or mindfulness practices.

TIP – Allow yourself to become lost within the activity even if it is for a short time. This is important as it will help to rewire new neural pathways, as what fires together wires together.

We cannot always stop a panic attack or an anxiety attack, however taking steps to prepare for what we ‘CAN’ do gives us some of our power back and holds the potential to give us back some of our peace in that moment.

If you need some suggestions or help to do this, please send through a tweet or DM and I will do my best to make some suggestions for you to experiment with.

Remember this is your opportunity and personal responsibility to gain some traction and maybe even some satisfaction of achievement, in knowing you can choose to help yourself in a moment of distress or panic.

Start now by writing out activities you enjoy, and that have the potential for aiding your personal peace.

All Words Written by Evelyn Wayde © 2020

Published by evelynwayde

Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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