Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You

Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You

Reminiscent, it ain’t me and it ain’t you

Reminiscent is it me missing you

Reminiscent of a sky holding hope for you

Reminiscent of a space my heart held on for you

Reminiscent walking holding your hand


Locked up tied down, she drowns in a swamp filled with memories

A lingering scent of all but bare bodies, as she kneels before him once again

The darkness it fades into one hundred thousand shades of grey

His hatefueled words cut maliciously

Tortured by the affliction, mesmorized, and stuck in everything in and of you

Time it drifts away, like the warmth of the sun

Little miss sweetness of butterfly kisses,

Scars left as a reminder she now wears on her face

Locked up, tied down drowning in these pictured pieces of you

Die for you, she would of died in the arms of you

Searches for a flame a kin to you, I was lost in my own skin

Thinking too, thinking of me, thinking of you

Night time she breathes in new life breaks freefalling within her mind’s eye..

Tricked or treat, be still she heard him say

A racing heart now wakes her from a once peaceful slumber owed unto you

A sickening smirk haunts her still, with blood dripping oozing from her face

Locked up tied down, your lefthand gripping at her throat eyes locked wasted on you

Tripped up on you, entranced by you, no one else to save this forsaken women-child from beneath you

Desperate and dying, swept up by his killer looks controlled by his deathly stare

Locked up tied down, stabbed left stung by a killer bee, blood dripping from her cheek…

His sculptured puffed out chest laughs in mockery as he hangs black plastic sheets

The mind it fixes on and off again…. drowns out the sounds of where his voice once took up space

A young girl in a women’s body, enslaved by you, her once secret wish to be owned by you

Locked up tied down, no longer a slave to you, no longer the girl kneeling before you

All Words Written by Evelyn Wayde © 2020

Published by evelynwayde

Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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