Do You Ever Think About It….

Do you ever think about it

Do you ever want to play it for real

Tracing in the back of my mind

No warning not leaving no letting go

Want to dip my feet back in the waters

Want to taste the bitterness

Not hold it within

Want to fulfil the craving

Moving to the best part of it

Life rolls it out with all that it has

I’m near speechless with you

Got me numb holding up on you

Tell me do you ever think about it

Want to know if I’m yours

Sideswiped by the feeling

Hung up holding on

Traced up to the feeling

Step up to go within

Silence got me going,

Silenced to go back in

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde

Published by evelynwayde

Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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