Do you ever feel life is too much

Denounced left in the pain

Deflection inside the walls of love

What’s pain without healing

What’s pain with no voice

What’s pain if no one sees me

Held to a standard of delusion

Delusions held without reflections

Held to blame

What’s the use for all of it

What’s more how does it serve a purpose

I stand in your corner

Without a question of a doubt

I listen, but to what

A heart broken another tossed away

Family distortion, wants to suck you in

Blame shifting,

Responsibilities not seen

Cannot make you see

A bigger picture at play

Never the enemy

In your heart you know this to be true

I’ll walk beside you

I’ll hold your hand

If you’d just let me be your friend

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde

Published by evelynwayde

Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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