Mental Health, Memory & Trauma

Do you ever find yourself caught in feelings from the past? Why is it we get stuck in these memory loops? Could complex trauma be reversed if we could choose new thoughts feelings and beliefs? I say yes and here’s why.

Let’s start with how we recall memories. We store and recall memories in bite size snippets or moments. We don’t actually recall memories in whole days. This I find super interesting in itself.

So each day when we wake up whatever thoughts beliefs and emotions were dominant from our childhood or our past. These will be our dominant thoughts emotions and beliefs throughout the day. Now any moments connected to those thoughts beliefs and emotions are the snippets we will recall over and over.

Each day we’re remembering things from the past, if those snippets of memories are filled with negative emotions thoughts beliefs and experiences we are actually subconsciously wiring our brain to expect and to experience more of the same negative thoughts beliefs and emotions.

When we recall negative thoughts beliefs and emotions what effect does it have on our body? When we recall these memories it not only puts our body back in the moment from the past, it is programming our body to feel and expect more of the same.

This is trauma being relieved over and over, without us realising we have the ability to choose something different. While we get stuck in these feelings from the past it beings to program our bodies for sickness illness and disease. Because let’s face it who wouldn’t feel sick being stuck in negative thoughts feelings and beliefs all day for months and years at a time?!

I believe strongly a major contributing factor to mental illness is caused by this process of recalling memories, because whatever was our dominant thought feeling or belief from the day before is how we will subconsciously choose to feel today.

Mental health and mental wellness is real, but so much of it is within our control to change it. Choosing new thoughts beliefs and emotions helps to rewire our brain and what we are to experience and expect each day. Meditation and sleep allows our brain and body to begin to have a break from our current reality giving us time to break momentum from going back into the past.

From my own experience of lived depression anxiety and suicidal ideation, although I am still unpacking trauma and things from the past, I have had the opportunity to do work on rewiring my brain. What used to be my brains go to is no longer the dominant program each day and the thing that has primarily helped me to shift myself out of these memory loops has been through beginning a daily practice of meditation.

If you have never tried meditation, to start the process of rewiring your brain, you can start with as little as five minutes a day. It’s not about not thinking, but rather allowing thoughts to be there without trying to change them. Each time you find yourself getting lost in thoughts come back to your breath. Who knows over time you may find yourself choosing new thoughts feelings and beliefs.

With love Evelyn x

Published by evelynwayde

Writer, Blogger, Mother, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Intuitive & Self-Care Advocate.

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