One Thing to Miss

It’s been almost five years since everything turned to hell

With this memory of you

Yet I sleep completely free

An anniversary displaced and fractured

Random memories come to surface

I pray they keep floating by, as I hold my pillow tight

I wonder what you look like now

Does she lose herself like I once did

With only one thing to miss, levitating to a sublime kind of bliss

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde

Do You Ever Think About It….

Do you ever think about it

Do you ever want to play it for real

Tracing in the back of my mind

No warning not leaving no letting go

Want to dip my feet back in the waters

Want to taste the bitterness

Not hold it within

Want to fulfil the craving

Moving to the best part of it

Life rolls it out with all that it has

I’m near speechless with you

Got me numb holding up on you

Tell me do you ever think about it

Want to know if I’m yours

Sideswiped by the feeling

Hung up holding on

Traced up to the feeling

Step up to go within

Silence got me going,

Silenced to go back in

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde

Who Sways the Difference

Finding a balance between us

Longing and wanting overseen by the realities of a lived life

Closed doors and frustrations,

Pressures of non equal sides

Who sways the difference

Who decides

Who gets warmth or salvation

Who gets to decide

Substance of language

No challenge no gain

Pressures all present

Each past carries it’s own weight

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde







Climbing walls

Next to me


Living but

Not here

Nor Alone



Determined to hear the sounds




Tool for two



Hide and seek

Between where I am and where I once was

Old faces appear

Lost displaced

Will to be

Will it to come

Into existence



Obscure delight

Restless sounds

Escape my mind

Just to be with you

Should of known

Life is not as I thought it would be

Let it out

Can’t take it back

Am I strange

Am I wanting

Who knows who

Who knows waiting

With you

Does he predict

Does he pretend

Want to be restless with you

Want to be deprave like you

Can’t stop to fight

Let go before

Nowhere to go

Left to my own devices

Carry on without you

I refuse to be lonely

©All words written by Evelyn M Wayde

Desire the Gift of Touch

When we talk my body lights up

Want this to be whatever it will be

My desires to be feed

Want to lay with you

Watch you walk through my door

Let you lay my body down

Let you explore my purest of desires

Let lust delight in your eyes

Bask in the energy we hold

Surrender to what maybe and what may not

Not scared anymore

Let the feeling of touch heal me

Thoughts drift away

To a place I could of only dreamed

Precious gift of touch is where I want to be

Holding you, holding me

© All words written by Evelyn M Wayde