She drifts away on clouds of purest white

Daylight into dream time, sleep still with whispers of sunlight

Dark skies roll in like the tides beneath them

Dazzled by the sunset as the night breathes her to life

Saturn, sheek in all her wonders, brightness of a lustrous star

Creeping earthy wonders of green purple and pink

Displays of decadence freedom and delight

Grounded scents of oak fir and pine, with wide eyed sights of dragonflies lady bugs and butterflies

Pure as clay salts and waters she used to wash away disdain and pain

Delicate wet breeze soft like bubbles, warm sand, baths and ashes

To a land who broke her fall with harshly entwined branches leaves and twigs

Trees they sway textured pale and bright

As she welcomes the perplexing beauty of the moon in daylight

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde


Longer than I have known before

Lingering in all the ways

Pleas to rekindle affection

One thing, one thing remains

Will you let me be your lover

Let me get lost in your eyes

Let me know you

Want to know you in all of the ways

Let the scent of you and me fill this room

Forever held in each other’s arms

Surrendered to our desire

Surrendered to love

Be mine

Be my lover


© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde


Cracked my heart open just to feel

Hesitant to surrender to its warmth

Abundance of love, this is where I want to be

Is it possible to love you, while still loving me

Trepidation sits like a stone between us

What part do you love more then the wholeness I so desperately want to claim

Want to be held

Want to feel open, not closed off to the possibility

Let my heart feel into you

My body jarred into the wanting of you

Desperate for healing

Self betrayal has long had its day

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde


Do you ever feel life is too much

Denounced left in the pain

Deflection inside the walls of love

What’s pain without healing

What’s pain with no voice

What’s pain if no one sees me

Held to a standard of delusion

Delusions held without reflections

Held to blame

What’s the use for all of it

What’s more how does it serve a purpose

I stand in your corner

Without a question of a doubt

I listen, but to what

A heart broken another tossed away

Family distortion, wants to suck you in

Blame shifting,

Responsibilities not seen

Cannot make you see

A bigger picture at play

Never the enemy

In your heart you know this to be true

I’ll walk beside you

I’ll hold your hand

If you’d just let me be your friend

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde

One Thing to Miss

It’s been almost five years since everything turned to hell

With this memory of you

Yet I sleep completely free

An anniversary displaced and fractured

Random memories come to surface

I pray they keep floating by, as I hold my pillow tight

I wonder what you look like now

Does she lose herself like I once did

With only one thing to miss, levitating to a sublime kind of bliss

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde

Do You Ever Think About It….

Do you ever think about it

Do you ever want to play it for real

Tracing in the back of my mind

No warning not leaving no letting go

Want to dip my feet back in the waters

Want to taste the bitterness

Not hold it within

Want to fulfil the craving

Moving to the best part of it

Life rolls it out with all that it has

I’m near speechless with you

Got me numb holding up on you

Tell me do you ever think about it

Want to know if I’m yours

Sideswiped by the feeling

Hung up holding on

Traced up to the feeling

Step up to go within

Silence got me going,

Silenced to go back in

© All Words Written By Evelyn M Wayde