Do you ever feel life is too much Denounced left in the pain Deflection inside the walls of love What’s pain without healing What’s pain with no voice What’s pain if no one sees me Held to a standard of delusion Delusions held without reflections Held to blame What’s the use for all of itContinue reading “Brother”

One Thing to Miss

It’s been almost five years since everything turned to hell With this memory of you Yet I sleep completely free An anniversary displaced and fractured Random memories come to surface I pray they keep floating by, as I hold my pillow tight I wonder what you look like now Does she lose herself like IContinue reading “One Thing to Miss”


Hiding Simple Clean Fear Desperate Climbing walls Next to me Still Living but Not here Nor Alone Wanting Craving Determined to hear the sounds Lengthy Lifeless Abandon Tool for two Insecurities Playing Hide and seek Between where I am and where I once was Old faces appear Lost displaced Will to be Will it toContinue reading “Hidden”


Obscure delight Restless sounds Escape my mind Just to be with you Should of known Life is not as I thought it would be Let it out Can’t take it back Am I strange Am I wanting Who knows who Who knows waiting With you Does he predict Does he pretend Want to be restlessContinue reading “Pleasure”

Desire the Gift of Touch

When we talk my body lights up Want this to be whatever it will be My desires to be feed Want to lay with you Watch you walk through my door Let you lay my body down Let you explore my purest of desires Let lust delight in your eyes Bask in the energy weContinue reading “Desire the Gift of Touch”

Got Me Lost in Your Eyes

Turning to you is what I want to do Let this feeling subside Let things lie as they are My imagination takes me to a world of make believe Want to touch you want to be close Life’s got me in circles Stretch to the limits of of time Let you go but want youContinue reading “Got Me Lost in Your Eyes”