The Longing Ain’t Me

Trust beneath my eyes Want to let you in,  The games got me frozen into the night Don’t want play hide and seek with you  Want to open my heart  Let it all in  Show me, tell me the stories of your heart  Let me know what you’re feeling  Tell me what you want  ScarredContinue reading “The Longing Ain’t Me”

Fear of Love

I want to feel safe to be me, I want to know it’s okay if love was on the table, but even if it is not. I want to be held in the arms of my lover with reverence and feel peace while I’m there I want to let our eyes meet hands and fingersContinue reading “Fear of Love”

Childlike Self

Knowing not knowing is not a space I wish to be in… surrender is so much more then running a kin to abandon or the sense of nothing in return. Knowing myself, is a path in which I claim, the man who wishes to know me will honour me in my joy and in myContinue reading “Childlike Self”

Stars Light Up

Complete me entwined  Leave me wasted on you  Let me hold you  As you hold me  Fallen, but I’m not in pieces  Fallen, but not too far deep  Let go, let me know  Let go, let me know how you feel  Don’t wanna fight it  Don’t wanna resist this Could this be…. Could this beContinue reading “Stars Light Up”

Momentary Bliss

All I would wish for, is neither here nor there This moment is were I sit My mind not here with me Momentary Bliss, takes me to that hit Where you lay your body next to mine Like a summer dream, bliss feels faded Not to fixate on your kiss, But your lips I wishContinue reading “Momentary Bliss”