Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You

Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You Reminiscent, it ain’t me and it ain’t you Reminiscent is it me missing you Reminiscent of a sky holding hope for you Reminiscent of a space my heart held on for you Reminiscent walking holding your hand Reminiscent Locked up tied down, she drowns in a swamp filled withContinue reading “Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You”

Fake Promises

He has eyes of the deepest blue, one look, one touch, one kiss was all it took for his poison to take hold in my veins… He was like no drug I had known before, one hit and he was all I craved. EWayde © He said things would be different this time. He saidContinue reading “Fake Promises”