5 Self-Care Tips

Tip 1. Whenever in doubt choose self-care first 💛 When we choose to make our self-care needs our first priority, we are taking practical steps towards building a strong sense of self-worth and healthy self-esteem. This doesn’t mean we stop doing the things we normally would, however this gives rise for us to make betterContinue reading “5 Self-Care Tips”

What is Self-Care? What does it look like, and how do we ensure we are cultivating enough self-care practices so we are in a safe place within our environment, our minds and in our bodies.

In this article on Self-care I touch on some extremely dark reasons as to why self-care is so important

Evolving through the changes of healing…

Some of you may of noticed my fade out in posts recently, I have been taking my time to tend to my health and it has been with much trepidation that I have been going through yet another chapter or stage of my healing. Why trepidation you might ask…? Do you ever get to aContinue reading “Evolving through the changes of healing…”

Predator Pretending

Don’t ask questions and I will give you no lies Pretending sets the wheels in time Pretending I was more Pretending what I’m not Predator pretending  Checkmate! Look who’s keeping score Loving me less then loving you more Loving pretending  Fakelove, now who’s keeping score Remembering I’m not remembering Remembering Now I’m remembering Shame… itContinue reading “Predator Pretending”


Where to go where to hide I’ll see you Baby… on the other side. See the tides as they collide, Pushing back the waves of high time. High time I’m a wondering, High time is now, High time is on my mind and it’s you who collides. Pretending what I’m not, too scared not toContinue reading “Hightime”